ALPLES – Furniture Design No. 1 in Slovenia

Alples is the main partner of the »Advanced Interior Furniture« set at the development-strategic demo project Dom24h. In cooperation with other project partners, it’s developing smart interior solutions for Dom24h – a single-family house with an office.

The furniture for kitchens, bedrooms, children’s rooms, and offices, with included sensory stimulation features, is adaptable to styles and moods to suit a variety of spatial conditions and individual requirements. The sensitive design, with incorporated modern technological solutions, results in perfect functionality, comfort and a feeling of homeliness. The combination of simple surfaces, fashionable slopes, and pleasant curves can be refreshingly bright, effortlessly natural or glamorously chic. In addition to comfort and advanced technological solutions, a modern user values a sustainable approach and will therefore especially appreciate Alples furniture, made with materials that are friendly to both the environment and human beings.

In the home offices, goals are woven from dreams, ideas and fond memories. The inspiring surroundings help us to think, communicate and achieve our goals.

Practical and clean layouts in the advanced kitchens, which come with intelligent functions, enable a modern, dynamic lifestyle flowing in harmony with the nature of modern man and the architecture of the Dom24h house. The neutral white color opens the space to impressions and experiences from the outside world, and the addition of wood promotes a feeling of natural warmth and human homeliness. Flat surfaces present a tidy appearance, and offer easy maintenance and a smooth feel to surfaces. The set of tall cabinets includes a smart storage cabinet with built-in technology for viewing and managing its contents. The contemporary kitchen is integrated into the open-plan living space and includes a dining area and a living area for socializing and relaxing. 

Bedrooms and children’s rooms soothe and lull us to sleep in the evenings, and wake us up to a new day in the mornings. Combining sophisticated walnut or oak wood decor with a white background and light brings a feeling of spaciousness and balance, as well as a cosmopolitan element, to the space. The touch of nature and human attention is reflected in handmade details in the carefully designed solid wood.

The light fills us with freshness and well-being. In addition to the natural light, and given the pace of modern life, we can also be awakened, inspired or soothed by artificial light, which we adapt to our wishes and needs. The element of furniture with sensory stimulation features also indulges the senses and nurtures our mood, bringing sounds from nature, music, or the smell of 100% essential oils into our homes and lives.Alples furniture is a synonym for playfulness, perfection and elegance. Link to ALPLES.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.