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HOME24H – Home of Tomorrow
HOME24H – Home of Tomorrow
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Marles is the leading partner in the Dom24h strategic partnership. It manages the INTEGRATION OF PARTNERS’ SOLUTIONS into a coherent modern concept for domestic living, for a home in use 24 hours a day, not just for everyday living but as an active workplace. It has also been developing a new, innovative construction kit, an integrative system of design, and a new business plan.

Marles is a leading provider of technological solutions for sustainable and energy-efficient construction of modern houses and investment properties. The company’s development focus is on using the latest technological solutions, renewable resources and natural materials, with the aim of facilitating healthy living and comfort. Go to MARLES.

A strategic development project with a focus on smart building

Dom24h is designed as the home of tomorrow, which, in line with the latest social and economic trends, supports not only the high quality and fullness of living and leisure, but also effective teleworking.

Dom24h uses comprehensive energy and information supply solutions. Its electric power is generated by solar panels. It is built in compliance with net-zero energy building principles (highly insulating materials, demand-controlled ventilation, high-efficiency heat recovery, phase-change materials, etc.). The house has been designed with the life-cycle approach in mind. This has resulted in an environmentally friendly home that is both smart and, at the same time, sufficiently flexible to enable healthy and comfortable living, including drawing on the use of ‘passive’ measures such as paints and coatings for humidity control. The house is connected to its surroundings at several levels, with two way-connections to smart community supply systems (power, heat, information, data, etc.). Its design follows the latest trends in flexibility markets. Special attention has been paid to the interior: the used and installed smart devices and advanced furniture have been integrated in a single information system for managing the smart home.

Its main advantage over competitors’ projects is its connection to the ‘cloud’ and use of digital twinning. Despite its complexity, Dom24h is responsive to the needs of its surroundings. The house is energy self-sufficient, and can act as an energy consumer, producer or storage point. The project has also actively contributed to the development of electromobility, smart communities and smart network models.

Dom24h is important not only for project partners, but for the entire industry of prefabricated smart houses and smart building solutions.

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