As the manufacturer of prefabricated wooden houses, Marles is the value chain holder in the project Home24h. The company is responsible for the INTEGRATION OF PARTNERS’ SOLUTIONS into a coherent and complete modern concept for domestic living, for a home in use 24 hours a day, not just for everyday living but as an active workplace. They will create a new, innovative construction kit, work on the development of integrative designing based on BIM technology, and elaborate a new business plan.

The partner is responsible for the package ADVANCED INTERIOR FURNITURE. Their contribution to the concept is the development of advanced interior design solutions for a demo detached family house. This includes a dedicated working area, to provide comprehensive solutions for living and working.

The partner assists the project in the segment ADVANCED ENERGY MANAGEMENT. The company is responsible for developing a smart heating substation with a two-way exchange of energy in a district heating system and smart components for district heating systems. The partner will also make sure that it will be possible to connect the heating substations to a management system and will introduce a monitoring system to track the functionality and operation of these substations.

The company is involved in the SMART HOME package, where it is responsible for developing and producing a residual current circuit breaker and transferring it appropriately to the IT environment. Furthermore, the company is in charge of developing and producing a circuit breaker with an integrated arc sensor (arc detector) and is responsible for the design of electrical installations.

The partner is responsible for the work package HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES, which is aimed at developing and demonstrating connected large household appliances, a mobile app for managing these appliances, and an IoT platform, as well as providing digital content and services.

The company develops and demonstrates innovative coating solutions, which provide long-term surface protection for exterior woodwork and joinery and offer greater aesthetic and protection values for interior furniture.

Within the framework of the segment ADVANCED INTERIOR FURNITURE, the company is responsible for producing electronic components (light and sound components, and diffusers) to be built into the advanced interior furniture designed by Alples. They are also responsible for integration into Smart Home umbrella programmes, and creation of a pantry management system with automatic generation of shopping lists.

Within the framework of the segment BUILDING TISSUE, the company is active in two areas: development and production of materials for finishes in construction (interior/exterior), and systemic protection solutions for exterior surfaces with highly effective heat insulation.

The partner is responsible for the work packages SMART HOME and ADVANCED ENERGY MANAGEMENT. These are aimed at developing and demonstrating how partners’ solutions can be integrated in a comprehensive smart home solution, as well as for energy management and flexible trading on the energy market.

Within the framework of the segment ADVANCED ENERGY MANAGEMENT, the company is responsible for developing and demonstrating the HEMS (Home Energy Management System), energy flow management, and the integration of all devices in the electric energy storage device. For this, the most recent IoT technology will be used: a digital twin of the building will be built in the cloud, and subsequently, advanced rules and machine learning will be utilised to forecast the building’s needs and optimally meet them (in line with the user’s goals).

The project’s IT partner, responsible for developing and adapting the IoT platform in the segment ADVANCED ENERGY MANAGEMENT and upgrading it with a machine learning module (database engineering, machine learning, model development and visualisation). The company is also responsible for developing a dashboard for monitoring the situation in the home. This will be made operational through an IoT platform and a single point of access to BIM data, coupling this with real-time data from the home’s sensors (digital twin).

Operates in the segments SMART HOME and BUILDING PLANNING. The company is responsible for developing and demonstrating a platform and intelligent entry points to areas and services, BIM – the digital twin of the areas – and integration with the partners’ platforms to improve both living comfort and work efficiency.

The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.